Initial Acupuncture appointment
Please wear comfortable clothing and follow recommended guidelines found in the FAQ section. Prior to your appointment, please download and fill out Patient Forms. If you are unable to print and download paperwork, plan to arrive 10 minutes early to complete appropriate forms. Allow 90 minutes for your initial evaluation and treatment.  

Acupuncture 60 minutes
In addition to acupuncture, treatments may include massage, cupping, moxibustion, lifestyle and nutritional modifications, herbal medicine as well as supplement recommendations.

Acusage 90 minutes
This combination of acupuncture and massage provides a powerful natural healing tool to treat acute and chronic pain, enhance energy levels and assist in restoring harmonious balance.

NADA protocol ½ hour (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association)
This is a specific protocol that has been extensively tested and carefully developed. Understanding and using the principles of Chinese Medicine alongside chemical dependency protocols can lead to a significant benefit in recovery from all forms of drug addiction as well as a variety of mental/emotional challenges. This protocol has also been adapted for weight-loss and weight control. Half hour treatments are purchased in a package of 12 sessions. Expect best results from biweekly treatments over a minimum of 6 weeks.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
The use of functional blood chemistry analysis creates the ability help prevent disease and promote wellness. This system utilizes ‘functional ranges’ instead of ‘pathological ranges’ currently in use by Western medicine, to analyze the data. Functional ranges assess the risk of disease developing verses pathological ranges which are used to diagnose disease. Labs deeply discount serum testing when a patient is willing to bypass insurance companies. No hassles, easy ordering and results sent directly to Indigo for proper interpretation using FBC system. 
Blood Panels $125-$309
FBC Analysis/Consult $90/hour

Female and Male Hormone Testing
Female and Male Expanded hormone panels are available and used to assess Infertility, diminished libido, erectile dysfunction, unexplained weight gain as well as Pre/Post Menopausal Syndromes. Saliva testing allows for a convenient, non-invasive method to test free fractioned hormones. Please see ‘FAQ’ section for more information regarding Saliva Testing.
Cost varies

Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) panel
This panel tests adrenal function. Among other hormones, the adrenal glands secrete Cortisol. Prolonged exposure to stress, whether environmental, psychological or physical, can deplete these glands and lead to Adrenal Exhaustion/Fatigue. There are several stages within this framework and this panel conveys necessary information in order to provide a proper restoration plan. Adrenal fatigue is a collection of signs and symptoms and creates an overall sense of “gray” feelings and un-wellness. Some, but not all symptoms are lack of vitality or energy, migraines or low grade headaches, sleep disturbances, low libido, low body temperature, chronic muscle and joint pain, mental fogginess, decreased tolerance and hypoglycemia.
Follow up consult: $50 for ½ hr, $90 for 1 hr

Please provide a 24 hour cancellation or appointment change notice. If this policy is not honored, you will be required to pay in full for your missed appointment. This policy applies in all circumstances.


5 (60 minute) treatments - $400
10 (60 minute) treatments - $750
15 (60 minute) treatments - $1,050

5 (90 minute) treatments - $550
10 (90 minute) treatments - $1,050
15 (90 minute) treatments - $1,500

All value package treatments must be used within one year, no exceptions.

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